6 Reasons Why You Must Build Your Website on WordPress

Being new to website or blogging , the first worry we have is “how to build and manage the site? ” . With tight budget during initial days, hiring a web developer looks a nightmare. Here are my recommendations on why you must build your website on WordPress.

20% websites (data by allthingsblogging.com 2017) globally are using WordPress as their CMS . Its an open source ( means the original source code is freely available). It is the most popular CMS (Content Management Software ) in the globe and beginners just love it.

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So what’s so good about this CMS ? Check out 6 reasons here.

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1: Its Free 🙂
Its free and requires no technical or coding skills to get started. Yes, That’s true and this is the reason why almost all beginners love WordPress. Let me tell you my story when I thought of building my first blog site. I was absolutely zero in understanding domain/hosting/CMS and web development. But WordPress helped as a blessing . I am sure you must be able to build your websites hassle free.

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2: Yes , its for business as well
Because its free, many times we have question like, can WordPress be used for commercial /business sites ? Answer is yes, 100%. Websites like TechCrunch, BBC America, Katy Perry use WordPress. So what are you waiting for?

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3: Control on Site
You have complete control on your site, dependency on web developers is almost zero. You have complete freedom to experiment – fail , learn and gain. You can edit and update content as and when you need.

4: Themes & Plug-ins
There are variety of themes to choose from and many of the them are free. When you need any additional functionality to be achieved on your website, go to the plug in library and find the relevant plugin. Don’t forget to check user ratings, number of downloads and recent update dates before install.

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5: Support
There are a lot of active WordPress discussion forums available over the internet . Many times web developers and coders are active members in the community. They can be your first hand guide to begin with.

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6: SEO
Search Engine Optimizations can be implemented very easily with WordPress. Yoast SEO plug in is a life line for on-page SEO needs.

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