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8 Most Useful Tools to Kickstart With Your Digital Marketing Strategy

If you own a business or joined an organisation as a digital marketer, you must know few handy and easy to use tools to accomplish your day to day digital marketing tasks. Loads of thanks to these free tools which makes life of a digital marketer easy and insightful. If you are facing any interviews for a digital marketing role, a must asked question is “which digital marketing tools you are comfortable with ? “. Hence you must know where to start and why ?

Okay, now lets get back to the point of discussion.

First of all, there are 100s of free tools available online which assist you in your digital marketing efforts, however not all to be followed for. Only few tools stand out in terms of ease of use, freshness, wide acceptance across industries.


Email marketing still continues to be one of the most powerful lead generation tools. You need to follow the best practices and create really compelling and targeted content and share with your prospects to generate leads. SendinBlue helps you a lot here. It has an easy to use interface where you can design beautiful emails , segment your customer lists, track open rates and click rates.

A great tool if you are just starting with email marketing.


Yoast SEO

Its basically a plugin compatible with WordPress CMS. If you are just starting with SEO, Yoast SEO plug in is a great tool for on page SEO to begin with. Allows you to effortlessly implement your title tags, focus keywords, keyword density analysis, sitemap, Canonical, robot exclusion, character lengths, snippet views etc.

  • Extremely easy to use
  • Submit Sitemaps
  • Automated meta tag creations
  • Compatibility with most of the other plugins available on WordPress


I love working on Canva. As a digital marketer you must know basic designing tools to meet your day to day needs. Be it creating a beautiful landing page, or a social media post or graphics for email marketing, Canva is a big help. Create brochures, posters and info graphics..on this easy interface. You will love your independence from graphic designers.

  • Drag and Drop interface, very easy to use
  • Upload your own images and create nice graphics
  • Download high quality JPEG/PNG

Google Analytics

A digital marketing professional, data analytics is a must. After all, the ultimate expectation from your management over any campaign is the ROI. You need a platform which is easy to understand and gives you A-Z relevant reports on your activities. Google Analytics comes to the rescue. I used to be person who had phobia over data analytics as I am not a math fan, but trust me , GA is way lot easy to understand.

You cannot live without GA. Everything about your website is there, site visit, traffic source, popular page etc. Keep exploring .


If active social media marketing is your strategy for the year, you must have Hootsuite. Very simple interface , it eases your postings on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.Helps managing your social media marketing way easier than manual posts, comments and tracking.

Customer engagement, monitoring and analytics all under one platform. An unavoidable tool for digital marketers.


I would say its an Oxygen tool for SEO professionals. Spy on competition, their keywords, back links, SERP rankings and many more. If you just started a new business, identify your benchmark in the industry and analyse their domain on SEMrush and modify your strategies.


Buzzsumo is addictive if you are a blogger or have a strong blogging/content marketing strategy for your business. Gives you insights on popular blog topics with likes, shares and Tweet data , trending articles related to your business, competitor contents etc. Gives you lots of insights on your new blog topic. Do explore.


If you are looking for a highly successful online campaign a beautiful and converting landing page is a must. Instapage comes to your rescue. You can design your own pages with this super easy drag and drop interface. You can do A/B testing as well. Reduces your dependency on web developers or coders. Yes, you can yourself make beautiful and converting landing pages and use them for SEM , SMM or email marketing campaigns.

There are many other tools as well which will add on efficiency to your digital marketing plan. Above mentioned ones are the tools I have used and like the most.

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