Breadcrumbs in SEOA Yummy Affair

Breadcrumbs in SEO : A Yummy Affair

How Breadcrumbs Impact SEO

By hearing this article name I guess you are feeling hungry and searching for yummy bread ha ha!yes what you thought is right.Before going to the subject I would like to explain what is breadcrumb.

Do you remember Hansel and Gretel story? Hansel and Gretel use breadcrumbs to find their home. Same way in websites we use breadcrumbs for particular product/category/story/page path.

Here is the example of breadcrumb :

Breadcrumbs always follow hierarchy :

For example, if you want to buy television then breadcrumbs will show as follow :

product and category > Television>Model>company


Breadcrumbs are Website Mapping :

Google will show geo-location for your requirement same breadcrumbs will show the category/article/page for which one you are searching in the website and shows you path.


Google Loves to eat Breadcrumbs 🙂

Yes!I mean breadcrumbs are SEO friendly.Google crawler/Other advanced search engines crawlers easily identify and recognize your product/Article/Category through breadcrumbs, it will definitely help to improve your SEO ranking and site traffic.Breadcrumbs playing a vital role in SEO.

You can add SEO jam on Breadcrumbs :

Breadcrumbs are not only path showing functionality and also you can use SEO friendly keywords in breadcrumbs which easily attract search engines.


How to optimize for Breadcrumbs:

Doing SEO for breadcrumbs is very important and it improves website engagement.

1.Breadcrumbs should user friendly and follow the hierarchy.

2.Breadcrumbs must contain SEO friendly keywords

3.Insert your product/ category related keywords in breadcrumbs.

Breadcrumbs reduce the bounce rate

Breadcrumbs will give awesome user experience and it will reduce bounce rate and the visitor can spend his quality time on site.

So,Hope you understood about breadcrumbs, then add breadcrumbs to your site immediately.good luck. 🙂

Author- Chintalapati K Chaitanya

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