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Content Marketing Training in Bangalore

Content Marketing is aimed at building authority, amplifying the message, acquiring, and retaining the intended audience. Well written Marketing Content helps build the reputation of a trusted advisor.

This Advanced Content Marketing Training Course trains participants to produce compelling and impressive Marketing Content, concentrating on the vital strategies, tactics, and best practices that a writer needs to create and enhance content marketing efforts.

This course also helps participants learn various aspects of planning and executing Content Marketing strategies with greater efficiency and impact, guiding participants to harness the power of words to disseminate information and create impressive marketing content.

Content Marketing Training-Course Content

  • What is content marketing
  • Why content marketing is the buzz
  • Content is the king
  • Introduction to keywords
  • Importance of keywords in content marketing
  • Keyword research & relevant tools
  • Mapping customer buying journey with keywords
  • What is content research
  • Mapping keywords with content
  • Content writing guidelines
  • Bogging
  • Images
  • Ad Copy
  • Marketing collateral
  • Social Media Posts
  • Press Release
  • Video
  • SEO fundamentals
  • Role of content in SEO
  • Back-linking & content
  • Sky-scrapper content
  • Why it is important to distribute content?
  • Distribution plan
  • Organic & Paid medium
  • Content syndication
  • When, Why & Which of content marketing
  • Research driven content marketing plan

To be discussed & assigned in the class

Duration- Minimum  15 days

Learning Objectives - Content Marketing Training

  • Create interesting and compelling Marketing Content
  • Identify Prospects and create an effective Content Marketing Strategy
  • Create messaging and appropriate content guidelines
  • Learn how to find industry influencers and identify promotional opportunities
  • Learn content marketing strategies, tactics, and best practices to produce effective content
  • Learn how to develop appropriate content for each type of audience segment
  • Create best practices for content across media types, including social media, images, etc.

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