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Welcome to data science course!! Data science is all around us, you probably use it several times a day without knowing it. In the recent times, machine learning has revolutionized our way of living from self-driving cars, delivery drones, face recognition, text analysis, effective web search, and personalized product recommendations. Be it any industry – from IT to Aviation, Oil and Gas to pharma, it has become a common practice. So, how to take advantage of these new opportunities in the market?

We at Talenteye Academy will give you a complete transformation from your current routine/thoughts into a well-established data science professional.

As we are strong believers that any topic you learn, you “learn by doing”. So, this course is for people who are passionate about starting their data science journey and ready for 5 months commitment.

Recap of taught topics by doing full-scale Capstone project where you will utilize the above leanings.

Strong Foundation Clases

Project based learning

Work on real business data case

Long duration: 5 months course

Teaching Method

  • 5 months rigorous training on Data Science Course where you get exposure of data science and learn it by implementing yourself.
  • Start by building a strong theoretical foundation of all necessary tools to do machine learning.
  • Each topic will be followed by a business scenario which will help to visualize real life challenge of a data scientist.
  • Practice interview sessions for each topic which further boosts your understanding and   confidence.

Your Trainer

  • Your trainer is 10+ years of working experience into data science and an alumnus of IIT and IIM.
  • Worked on several complex data science cases at larger organisations, fortune 500 companies
  • A seasoned trainer and data science coach

Pre Requisites

  • No prior experience is required. We will start from the very basics
  • Programming: We will start with the basics. No experience required


  • Assistance will be provided in resume and interview preparation

Why Data Science Training Course at Marathahalli, Bangalore?

Talenteye Academy offers Data Science Training Course at Marathahalii Bangalore. Marathahalli is one of the prominently located region at Bangalore, where 40-50% of Bangalore’s IT employees live.

Marathahalli is very close to Bangalore ORR (Outer Ring Road), which makes this place a suitable favorite to It people. There are several IT giants are present on Marathahalli Bangalore Outer Ring Road Corridor, which is why Talenteye Academy offers Data Science Training at Marathahalli.

The Marathahalli-Bangalore Outer Ring Road corridor also has many large companies who are seeking for Data Science Professionals in Bangalore.

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