Skyrocket Your Business with Digital Marketing

Talenteye Academy brings Digital Marketing Workshop for Start-ups and SMEs. The aim behind this program is to enable every business to be online and how to effectively and cost effectively do marketing on internet to create awareness, engage customers, lead generation, drive app downloads and growth hack.


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Learn From Industry Experts

We get you the best practices in the industry during the crash course which you apply to your business right after you are out of class

2 Months Support

We are committed to you provide 2 months support over your business as you complete the workshop. We say and we deliver.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We assure you 100% satisfaction over the workshop with 2 months continued support.

Workshop Modules

The Digital Marketing workshop will cover following key areas:


  • How digital marketing will impact your business
  • Strategies to select the right marketing mix
  • Content marketing (Create & Spread)
  • Case study discussions
  • Tools to use for effective digital marketing with zero learning curve
  • How social media can impact your branding, awareness & lead generation
  • Growth hacking- Can growth be hacked ?
  • How to analyze performance ? Numbers are so important.
  • Media & agency managementAt the end of the workshop, you should be able to apply digital marketing to your business, able to make better choices over media selection, have a strategy plan for your business growth. You will receive a completion letter too at the end of the workshop.