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Should I Join a Digital Marketing Training Center to Learn Digital Marketing?

I am asked this question quite often by colleagues and aspiring marketers. Should I join a Digital marketing training center to learn Digital Marketing ? My answer is it depends.

Learning Digital Marketing is necessary, joining a training center to learn Digital Marketing is not.

Self Study or Join a training center ?

We are standing on a digital age where people love to share their knowledge (Its called “content” in DM). If you area keen to learn and enthusiastic , you can learn from the free resources available on Google search, YouTube, blogs and webinars from reputed platforms like Hubspot and Marketo. I learn it that way. Even Google provides free training videos. You can watch those , learn and take Google exams. Qualify and Viola, you are a certified Digital Marketer.

However, learning theory is not the sole to be a digital marketeer. You need to practice, you need to get your hands dirty to learn the functionalities. Hence , practice is a must. I suggest you practice by creating a website of your own or promote your friends and family website/e- commerce if any, and apply your learning there and see how it performs in real scenario. This will polish you as a marketeer. And trust me, no theory class can beat this experience.

Should I join a training center ?

Now coming back to learning from a Digital Marketing Training center, Yes, you must join if you need guidance, exposure, peer interaction (One of the best benefits), certificate and of course the lectures and practicals. But remember, majority, I repeat majority of the training centers including reputed ones across India, teach you only basic concepts. Their practical classes are also very very basic level. If you want to do some strategic projects and case studies, you may not get it there. At Talenteye Academy , trainers are basically real life professionals like me who apply digital marketing in to their businesses and have a lot to share. This statement is not to promote Talenteye Academy, but to help you explore if you look for making a career in strategic digital marketing.

Classroom training or Online Training ?

Next thing is to decide between whether to join a class room course or an online program. I blindly recommend a classroom course as its more interactive, fun learn, peer learn and actual learning. I find online courses to be less productive, retained learning is significantly lower than classroom courses.

Hope this helps you to decide. You can write me for any question.

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