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My Life Changed Completely After Talenteye Academy Happened To Me

Its the story of Steffe Grace……….. Batch Aug’17

Steffe was born and raised in Bengaluru where she stays with her family. Her father is a retired officer while her mother is a school teacher. Her brother is a software engineer who is working currently in the United States.

She graduated from Jyoti Nivas College and completed her MBA under University of Pondicherry- batch of 2017. While pursuing her MBA in 2016, her interest in digital marketing began to form and grow.

She realized that with the digitization of almost every sphere of the world, digital marketing would soon take over the traditional ways of marketing.

She had a particular interest in learning about social media marketing and how advertising works on the search engines.

All of this was enough to peak her curiosity and make her dig deeper into the field. She decided to study about it in further detail and joined Talenteye Academy.

Steffe at SEMRush event- Sent by Talenteye Academy

Steffe at SEMRush event- Sent by Talenteye Academy

She took a demo class which was more than enough to convince her to take up the course. During her classes in the academy, it soon dawned on her that she got way more than she expected of a regular class.

She believes that the course was beneficial to her and she does not regret taking it up in the slightest. “The dreams and aspirations I had before moving into this field have been fulfilled”, Steffe told us.

She owes and credits her success to her trainer Prativa at Talenteye Academy.

She says, “…

This is not a generic student testimonial. Genuinely, if it wasn’t for my trainer, I could never have done so well. Her constant coaching and training helped me secure a good job”.

Life Post Talenteye Academy

Steffe started working as a Social Media Executive immediately after completing the course. She continued the role for 3 months and in March 2018, she grabbed her dream role as the Senior Digital Marketing Executive One of the leading Global Digital Marketing Agency WATConsult- Dentsu Aegis.

Impact of Training on the Job

She believes that her experiences of her training and her previous job combined have helped her in enhancing her skills- making her a perfect fit in her present work field.

She found her switch to be quite a smooth transition, as moving into a completely digital media oriented firm was easier than most for her.

As she mentioned earlier, this shift from a financial to a marketing background was enabled by the guidance and support of her trainer Prativa ma’am at Talenteye Academy.

It is no big shocker to point out that with the advancement of modern technology and its availability to a significant percentage of people, conventional modes of marketing may as well become archaic.

Digital marketing, therefore, in the current scenario is a budding field with a lot of promise.

We need not wait for even a few years to comprehend the relevance of this growing media source as it is transforming into a full-fledged industry, and hence a space for employment.

Under the current technological milieu, where virtual media outrage is at its peak, we cannot overemphasize the importance of professional training institutes such as Talenteye Academy, which ensure authentic education to their students in digital marketing.



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