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Top 4 Online Places To Learn Digital Marketing Course Free: A Detailed Review

Top 4 Online Sites To Learn Digital Marketing Course Free

With the increased demand for digital marketers across industries, there is a huge demand for trained professionals in digital marketing. As per the latest report from Time Of India, the demand exceeds supply in digital marketing.

To fill the gap, there is a boom of Digital Marketing Training Centers providing digital marketing courses to freshers and experienced professionals from sales & marketing, technology background and other consumer facing businesses.

In this context, we receive several queries from students and colleagues over “Can I Learn Digital Marketing Free ?”. Even this is one of the most frequently asked questions on Quora.

So here we present a detailed review on top 4 online places to learn digital marketing free. This review has been done by our students, who have gone through these Free Digital Marketing Course Content multiple times. The four sites we reviewed are Google Digital Garage, Wordstream PPC University, HubSpot Academy and Neil Knowledge Videos.

Here are few rules we followed

  1. Each student went through the assigned free course 2 times: Once before the said topic, Ex- Google Adwords, is discussed in our classroom and once after the said topic is discussed in the class.
  2. Students are encouraged to provide unbiased reviews from their learning experience

So here’s our detailed review of Learning Digital Marketing Free Online.

From Google Digital Garage

Google Digital Garage is a platform to learn digital marketing online with the help of videos.It consists of 22 videos each with the duration of 3-6 Minutes.

Each video is explained with the help of a live example which makes it easier for the learner to understand. The video, audio, and presentation are excellent and it will help you stay connected with the topic till the very end. One can easily connect to these videos and hence put them into practice.

Before each video starts, Google provides key elements that you will be learning in the session, and after every video, you are put through practice and quiz to ensure that you are thorough with the topic you have learned.

We will highly recommend Google Digital Garage for freshers.

Learning PPC free from Wordstream

The entire concept of PPC is clearly given in “Wordstream-Learn PPC” which is in text format. This will help only if the user is fond of learning through text. People who don’t like text reading may get bored and will lose enthusiasm to learn PPC.

But, Wordstream also provides PPC knowledge through interactive videos, but on limited topics. The audio and video quality is really excellent and easy to understand. But I feel the concepts are given at very surface level.

The outline of PPC is covered and it isn’t explained in-depth which may not help the learners to gain complete knowledge about PPC.

There are also few troubleshooting videos by experts which I found useful. Strongly feel troubleshooting lessons will play a vital role only if the concept is clear and I am into PPC practice.

Overall, I think it may not be the best platform to learn PPC free for freshers. I was able to understand PPC better post completing my PPC classroom training with Prativa.

Learning SEO Free from Neil Knowledge – Videos and Podcasts

Neil Knowledge has done a really great job by providing a lot of practical experiences, tips, and tricks on SEO. I thoroughly enjoyed his Free digital marketing videos on SEO. However, I feel, you will get the most benefit out of Neil Patel’s videos if you have already started doing SEO for your business, but for freshers, I feel they will struggle to understand.

However, I feel, you will get the most benefit out of Neil Patel’s videos if you have already started doing SEO for your business, but for freshers, I feel they will struggle to understand.

I had a great experience with Neil Patel’s videos and podcasts as I had already completed SEO classes (classroom course) from Prativa and was optimizing my own website.

Few topics I found very helpful are

1: How do you increase your website traffic?
2: Difference between Sub domain and Sub directories?
3: How to do Rank high through internal linking?
All these videos are very short, to the point but the content is very easy to understand.

Learning Content Marketing Free from Hubspot Academy

Hubspot Academy is one the best online places to learn content marketing. I went through their videos on content marketing and video marketing. Very useful and informative. Strongly feel it will be helpful for freshers and experienced digital marketing professionals. The video has a lot of statements and fewer examples which I think may not keep you glued until the end of the video. Few videos are lengthy, like 10-15 minutes, which you may loose patience to watch. I wish if the videos would have been more illustrative.

We recommend following additional sources to learn Digital Marketing Free and keep yourself updated.

  1. Moz Blogs
  2. Search Engine Land
  3. Social Media Examiner
  4. Talenteye blogs
  5. Neil Patel
  6. Hubspot Academy

Please remember learning is a gradual process and there are a lot of things to learn beyond the classroom and online videos. Free Digital Marketing Training Courses can set a good foundation for you but you need to practice digital marketing in real life to learn and improve your skills.

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